20mm Steel Pirate Dice

20mm Steel Pirate Dice

Hand-forged from 20mm mild steel. 
Price is for ONE (1) die. 

Each die is cut, heated and shaped, the faces hammered flat and corners slightly rounded. 
The pips are hand punched with the number 6 stamped with a skull and crossbones. 
Other stamps are available, assuming I can buy them please message and I'll see if I can accommodate your request.
I can also do lettering, initials tec. 

Finished with an oiled black finish. 

Dice are tumbled in a rock polisher to smooth out any burrs, heated and quenched in oil for a black antique finish. 
I can also finish dice with a brass rub or a more polished steel looking finish. Check out my other listings.
I also do solid copper dice.  

Please note these are METAL dice and as such are heavy, be careful where you roll them.