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Other Platforms

Links to our social media and further platforms

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Our online shop as well as the place to learn a little about us, read our blog and find out more about our custom order process.


Check out our Facebook page


Posting videos on Tiktok seems to be a bit of an arcane art involving summoning a variety of demons. Have a look at what we've posted!


The best place to see what we're making, we update Instagram regularly so come follow us to see what we're working on.


From time to time we stream on Twitch. Come and follow us for leatherwork builds and the occasional gaming session


We're proud to be Black Raven Armoury Ambassadors. We use a lot of their patterns in our builds and Alex's Academy courses are second to none!


Another place to buy our products.


Come and see what we're up to on the bird app!

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Our tooling patterns & graphic design are done by half of the Smoking Smithy - Charlie who runs local company Little Wave Graphics


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