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Making your vision a reality.

Updated: May 5, 2021

I love so many things about working with leather. From that leather smell to the “imperfections” that make it such a beautiful material; however, one of the best things for me is when I get the opportunity to create something entirely one of a kind.

Taking your vision and creating a completely bespoke traditional leather gift.

I love working closely with a client to design artwork, discussing their ideas and often the story behind why they want the piece too. Whether it be a keyring or a handbag, I enjoy the challenge of creating something new when it has your loved one in mind.

The process starts with a series of emails or messages; we go back and forth, talk about what ideas you have. Do you want lettering? A picture? Some clients have an exact vision in mind, others start with no ideas at all, in which case I will ask you some questions – who is it for, what do they love? Together we will form a design, which I will sketch out and send to you, we can adjust from there until you are happy.

At this point, I ask for a deposit to cover materials and then production begins.

On a small project, I will go ahead and make the item, with larger creations I will keep you updated all the way along with photos and progress pictures. It is important to me that you feel involved in the process; this is something we are creating together.

You will have choices to make as we go because everything is customisable. You get to choose leather colour, thread colour as well as the design. Don’t worry if you cannot decide though, I’m here to advise and guide every step of the way!

When your creation is complete, I will photograph it and send you images to approve. I will then ask for the remaining balance to be paid before your item is wrapped with care and shipped to you or can be sent directly to your loved one if it is a gift.

All that remains is for you to feel a warm glow of joy that you designed a one of a kind gift for yourself or your loved one.

So what are you waiting for? Let's get creative!

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