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Steel WIzards/Witches wand - magic wand

Steel WIzards/Witches wand - magic wand

Handforged steel wand:

12"  (30cm) in length
Rounded hand grip
Nail head pommel
Reverse twist decoration
Tapered point

Although not a traditional material to make wands from steel gives a rigidity and very solid yet flowing feel to a wand!

I've added the option for a leather grip wrap. I currently have tan, green and snakeskin but I can order other colours as a custom order. Message me.

I also do leather belt holsters made from veg tan leather and wet moulded to the wand to give a snug fit.

Finished with a traditional baked on beeswax finish to protect against rust.

Please check with your LARP group rules before use of metal wand.

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